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Tattoo removal works by breaking apart those larger ink particles layer by layer. Your body’s white blood cells can then carry away the smaller broken down particles quicker. With time and continued sessions, a tattoo can be completely removed.

A typical tattoo takes about 10 – 12 treatments, spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart, to remove.


Living an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking or vaping, and allowing direct sun exposure to the treated area can reduce your body’s ability to remove the ink.

Chronic health conditions and being sick are your immune system’s priority to fix. This can reduce the speed at which the ink is removed from your skin.

As you age, your metabolism and immune system slow down. Younger or more active immune systems will remove ink faster.

Tattoos in high blood flow areas can be removed faster than those located further from the circulatory system.

The color of your ink and skin tone will play a factor in the removal outcome.

Your skin tone can impact the laser removal outcome and may determine the laser settings your technician uses.

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